National Arbor Day April 29, 2016

Picks from Arbor Day 2016

Picks from our 2015 arbor day plantings!

 Plant a tree!


Green Scene Annual Symposium

Saturday March 5th 2016 Save the Date!

The 2016 cost for the day will be $35.00 this includes lunch

Registration:  8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.

8:30 – 9:20   Bob Frost - Owner of Frost Tree Farms"-Tree Pruning Protocols”

9:30 – 10:20   Mary Hennesy-Schwake - North Iowa Pond and Koi Club -“Pond Plants and Water Gardens”. 

10:30 – 11:20  Dan Foss - Mathias Landscaping-“ New Trends in Landscaping”

11:30 – 12:30        Lunch Break 

Lunch:   Pulled Pork Sandwiches,  A Variety of Salads, Chips, Desert 

12:30 – 1:15   Rob Pruitt - Executive Director of Cedar Valley Arboretum and Botanical Gardens-“Mosaic Cultures”

1:25 -2:30   Vaughn Griffith - Cedar Valley Master Gardner-“Cedar Valley Arboretum and Botanical Gardens Orchard Project”                         

 There is limited space so you can pre-register by sending your check with names, addresses and phone numbers to:

Green Scene Inc., P.O. Box 2004, Waterloo, Iowa 50704-2004 

Garden Market: During the lunch hour and after the last seminar the garden market will be open featuring displays. Our speakers and several area retailers will have merchandise for sale.


Green Scene 40th Annual Plant Sale. This will be our "Ruby" Anniversary..... So we will be featuring lots of Ruby Colored and Named Varieties!

Orange Day-lily Donations at the 2016 Plant Sale

Last year was a great success again we had great plant donations and our dig teams were busy digging for almost 3 weeks prior to sale. Green Scene would like to Thank all of you who donate and have donated plants to our sale every year.  For the past 39 years our dig teams have dug and divided all kinds of perennials.  In the past few years we found it necessary to put many last minute request for dig teams on a waiting list and for that reason we have made a decision in 2013 that the dig teams will not be able to include the digging, dividing and picking up of orange day-lilies.  Orange Day-lilies consume alot of time from the dig team volunteers, this year as in the past few of years we have had to compost quite a large number as we weren't even able to give the remaining plants away free.  We will still accept orange day-lilies as a donations at the building the week of the sale along with the donations of all other plants.  We will still continue to dig, divide and pick up all other perennials as time allows during the week of set up for the sale.  Thank you again for your endless support and your wonderful donations.  

This  years Plant Sale is scheduled for:

Friday Afternoon "Volunteer Pre-sale" 2 pm to 4 pm for those who work 6 hours from Monday May 9th 2016 to May 12th 2016 setting up at the Ag Building and Dig Team that week for the plant sale.

Friday night "Members Only Pre-sale" 6 pm to 8 pm  see membership for details on how to become a Green Scene Member.

Saturday- Sale for the General Public no admission fee is May 14, 2016 9:00 a.m. to 12 pm or whenever the plants sell out! So come early so you don't miss out on all the good deals.                                                                          

All at the National Cattle Congress, Waterloo, Iowa

The Plant Sale is our biggest fund-raiser, the proceeds of which are dedicated to the purchasing and planting of trees in Black Hawk County. Some of the items we offer include trees and shrubs, houseplants, native plants and grasses, perennials, wildflowers, herbs, hosta and companion plants, plants for butterfly gardens, dwarf conifers and alpines, ground covers, roots and tubers, vines, and a "Collector's Corner" of unusual plants and board favorites.

We always need volunteers!  We can use help the entire week leading up to the sale, and we especially need staff on the Friday May 13th and Saturday the 14th 2016.    

Featured Hostas Ordered for 2016

HOSTA ‘Afterglow’- is a sport of Climax with a wider gold margin. Stunning mound of heart-shaped green foliage with wide gold margins.

 ‘Alligator Alley’- Aptly named, this medium to large sized hosta forms a coarsely textured mound of leathery, puckered, heart-shaped to round leaves of good substance. ‘American Hero’-  Small to medium this hosta has twisted leaves with a wide dark green margin and a creamy white center with green speckles. ‘Andrew’- Large Hosta Cultivar Hosta Andrew is a white-centered sport of Hosta Blue Mammoth'. Bright white leaves have a wide blue margin with streaks of green bet. ‘Brother Stefan’- 2017 Hosta of the Year! Giant Hosta Cultivar Giant mound of gold centered foliage with an irregular dark green margin. Thick and heavily corrugated leaves form a beautiful lar.‘Cool as a Cucumber’- Large Hosta Cultivar New and improved sport of Hosta Cascades with wider margins and better vigor. Graceful white leaves have wide bright green margins. ‘Curly Fries’-Voted 2016 Hosta of the Year! Miniature Hosta Cultivar Seedling from the usually sterile Hosta Pineapple Upsidedown Cake'. Very stiff, narrow leaves are heavily ruffled leaves emerge. ‘Diamonds are Forever’- Small Hosta Cultivar Wider margined sport of Diamond Tiara'. The wider white margins contrast nicely with the dark green leaves. Vigorous grower that will. ‘Grand Prize’- Medium Hosta Cultivar Sport of Grand Tiara with brighter and showier yellow margins. This hosta forms a dense mound of bright foliage that shines. ‘Happy Dayz’- Medium Hosta Cultivar This sport of Orange Marmalade offers wider margins that are also bluer than its parent and leaves are also cupped at the base unlike it. ‘Humpback Whale’- Giant Hosta Cultivar forms an impressive mound of blue-green foliage. ‘June Spirit’- Medium Hosta Cultivar Sport of Hosta June Fever with wider margins. Chartreuse leaves have wide blue-green margins. ‘Komodo Dragon’- Giant Hosta forms a giant mound of dark green, heavily rippled foliage. Deeply veined leaves on petioles that are semi-upright. ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’- Small Hosta Cultivar Sport of Hosta Rainforest Sunrise with wider dark green margins. Forms a compact clump of thick and distinctively cupped foliage.‘Rainbows End’- Small Cultivar very showy and unique hosta with extreme variegation and shiny leaves. Sport of Obsession with a bright yellow center and dark green margins. ‘Sparkler’- Miniature Hosta CultivarSport of Hosta Fireworks with wider dark green margins. Dark green leaves have sizzling white centers. Showy hosta for the miniatures.  ‘Virginia Reel’- Small Hosta Cultivar this small hosta offers lance-shaped foliage with striking contrast. Its small stature makes it a perfect fit for the miniature garden.

Shade Companion Plants Ordered

ASTILBE-'Amber Moon',  ASTILBE-'Red Sentinel',  HELLEBORUS-'Confetti Cake', HELLEBORUS-'True Love', HEUCHERA Dolce-'Blackberry Ice', HEUCHERA-'Grape Expectations', HEUCHERELLA-'Pink Fizz', HEUCHERELLA-'Solar Eclipse'

Featured Ruby Anniversary and New Perennials Ordered for 2016 Sale 


ACHILLEA -  ‘Red Velvet’(New 2015), ‘Song Siren Angie’, ‘Cassis’.  AGASTACHE BARB. – ‘Tutti Frutti’.   ANEMONE – ‘Rubra’.  ANTENNERIA – ‘Ruby Red’.  ARABIS - Rock Cress ‘Deep Red Rose’.  ASTER – ‘Dream of Beauty’, ‘Winston Churchhill’. ASTILBE X JAP – ‘Red Sentinel’. BELLIS – ‘Habanera Mix’.  CAMPANULA – ‘Wine and Rubies’(New 2016).  CENTRANTHUS R. – ‘Pretty Betsy’.  COREOPSIS – ‘Mercury Rising’(New 2016), ‘Red Shift’.  DIANTHUS- ‘Beauty Homeland’(New 2016), ‘Corona Cherry Magic’, ‘Feuerhexe’, Frosty Fire’, ‘Tiny Rubies’.  EHINACEA – ‘Hot Lava’(New 2016), ‘Rubinstern’, ‘Secret Affair’(New 2016), ‘Solar Flare’, ‘Tennesseenis Hybrid’.  GAILLARDIA A. – ‘Arizona Red Shades’, ‘Sun Devil’(New 2016). GEUM – ‘Double Bloody Mary’. HEUCHERA SANG. – ‘Ruby Bells’.  HIBISCUS - ‘Carolina Pink Shades’.  HOLLYHOCKS – ‘Chaters Double Red’.  IRIS, BEARDED GERMAN – ‘Vita Fire’. KNAUTIA – ‘Red Knight’.  KNIPHOFIA – ‘Fire Dance’.  LAMIUM – ‘Red Nancy’.  LILY, DWARF HARDY – ‘Red Joy’(New 2016), ‘Diamonds’-tiny(New 2016).  LILY ORIENTAL – ‘Starlight Express’.  LOBELIA – ‘Queen Victoria’.  LUPINUS – ‘Russel Hybrids’.  MONARDA – ‘Gardenview Scarlet’.  PAPAVER OR. – ‘Beauty/Livermore’, Crimson Red’.  PENSTEMON -  ‘Coccineus’, ‘Husker Red’, ‘Red Rocks’.  PHOLX – ‘Red Starfire’.  POTENTILLA – ‘Fireball’. RATIBIDA – ‘Red’, ‘Red Mexican Hat’.  ROSE MINITURE – ‘Gigi’.  RUDBECKIA – ‘Cherry Brandy’, ‘Tribola Prairie Glow’(New 2016).  SALVIA – ‘Burgundy Candles’, ‘Rose Queen’.  VERONICA – ‘First Love’, ‘Spicata Red Fox’.  VINES – HONEY SUCKLE – ‘Dropmore Scarlet’,  PASSIFLORA(PASSION VINE) – ‘Red-Coccinea’(annual).

OTHER NEW 2016 PLANTS Ordered  

BRUNNERA – ‘Alexander the Great’.   DELPHIUNIUM – ‘Blue Diamonds’.  HERBS - BASIL -  ‘Crimson King’,  LAVENDER – ‘Hidcote Promise’.  IRIS, BEARDED GERMAN – ‘Cimarron Strip’, ‘Latest Style’, ‘Springtime Madonna’.  IRIS, SIBERIAN -  ‘Shirley Pope’. SEMPERVIVUM – ‘Kalinda’.

Many Thanks to the 2016 year’s Plant Sale sponsors to Date:  

Diamond  $1000 - plus Lamar Advertising - Jan Guthrie

Gold        $500 - $749 Paul Kammerdiner - Brian and Julie Hayes - Denso International

Silver       $250 - $499 Greg and Lynette Harter - Vaughn and Judy Griffith - David Glime - Warren Transport - Melinda Young-Chuck and Linda Schulte - Waterloo Courier - Claudia Martin - Veridian Credit Union - Financial Resource Advisors - Lee Procurement Solutions - Jeffery   and Brenda Clark - Jordan's Nursery - Target - Meyer's Nursery

 Bronze    $100 - $249 Joanne Latta Reeves - Bonnie Wetzel - Daniel Lacari - Robert and Rosemary Beach - Paula Sexton - Dr. Benjamin Squires - Dan and Mickey Johnson - Tony and Kelly Conrad - Roger and Jane Lane - Pam Flanders - Jons and Ann Olsson - US Bank - Bruce and Diane Clark - Elaine Morrison - Katinka M. Kieth - L. Sam and Janet Holden - Karen Page - Lyle and Karen Schmitt - Kathy Brechunitch - Tim Sprengeler - Jane Young - Locke Funeral Home - PDCM Insurance - Dianne Phelps - Steve and Terry Dixon - Dwayne and Eileen Schmidt - Maurine and Jay Crisp - Deb and Craig Ludolph - Black Hawk County Master Gardeners - Dave and Sue Schlette - A&P Food Equipment, Inc. - John W. Milroy - Cassie and Randy Luze - Rosemary and Robert Beach - Jeffrey Noonan-Day - Julie Fecker

Special thanks to Omega Cabinets for providing boxes for the sale!

 For more information call: Mickey at 319-232-5934 or email us at

(All plant orders varieties are subject to change because of availability or quality in the spring and sometimes we aren’t aware of changes until the week of the sale)