On UnivArbor Day April 24, 2015

 Plant a tree!


Green Scene Annual Symposium
Saturday, March 7, 2015, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Waterloo Center for the Arts, Waterloo, Iowa

A great time was had by all. We had Great Speakers listed below and great shopping with our Garden Marketers.

Scott Stout - Stout Tree Care “Tree Removal Alternatives: Emerald Ash Borer and Other Common Infestations”

Deb Walser - ISU Master Gardner from Linn County Extension Service “Discover Butterflies” Twenty most common Iowa butterflies and their food sources.

Debbie Main - Linn County Master Gardner “Verticle, Vines, and Variants” Flowers and food crops which can be grown vertically, how to train them and locate them in the landscape, plus unusual ideas for vines  

Lunch: Pulled Pork Sandwiches A Variety of Salads Chips Cookies Beverages

Kelly Conrad –Horticultural Therapist at Harmoney House “Cold Hardy Perenial Care” Kelly will demonstrate how to keep your cold hardy perennials Looking good, Reblooming and Lasting for years.

Billie Hemmer - UNI Botanical Center/Preserves Manager “ Caring for Unusual Houseplants” Orchids, Air Plants, and Bromeliads

Garden Market: During the lunch hour and after the last seminar the garden market will be open featuring displays. Our speakers and several area retailers will have merchandise for sale.

We are already making plans for next years Symposium!

March 5th 2016 Save the Date!

The 2016 cost for the day will be $35.00 this includes lunch

You can pre-register by sending your check with names, addresses and phone numbers to:

Green Scene Inc., P.O. Box 2004, Waterloo, Iowa 50704-2004


Green Scene 39th Annual Plant Sale

Many Thanks to all the Volunteers who make this Plant Sale possible we couldn't do it without you! And a Special Thanks to The Orchard Hill Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops for Hauling plants to customers cars for them!

Orange Day-lily Donations at the 2016 Plant Sale

Last year was a great success again we had great plant donations and our dig teams were busy digging for almost 3 weeks prior to sale. Green Scene would like to Thank all of you who donate and have donated plants to our sale every year.  For the past 39 years our dig teams have dug and divided all kinds of perennials.  In the past few years we found it necessary to put many last minute request for dig teams on a waiting list and for that reason we have made a decision in 2013 that the dig teams will not be able to include the digging, dividing and picking up of orange day-lilies.  Orange Day-lilies consume alot of time from the dig team volunteers, this year as in the past few of years we have had to compost quite a large number as we weren't even able to give the remaining plants away free.  We will still accept orange day-lilies as a donations at the building the week of the sale along with the donations of all other plants.  We will still continue to dig, divide and pick up all other perennials as time allows during the week of set up for the sale.  Thank you again for your endless support and your wonderful donations.  

Next years Plant Sale is scheduled for:

Friday Afternoon "Volunteer Pre-sale" 2 pm to 4 pm for those who work 6 hours from Monday May 9th 2016 to May 12th 2016 setting up at the Ag Building and Dig Team that week for the plant sale.

Friday night "Members Only Pre-sale" 6 pm to 8 pm  see membership for details on how to become a Green Scene Member.

Saturday- Sale for the General Public no admission fee is May 14, 2015 9:00 a.m. to 12 pm or whenever the plants sell out! So come early so you don't miss out on all the good deals.                                                                          

All at the National Cattle Congress, Waterloo, Iowa

The Plant Sale is our biggest fund-raiser, the proceeds of which are dedicated to the purchasing and planting of trees in Black Hawk County. Some of the items we offer include trees and shrubs, houseplants, native plants and grasses, perennials, wildflowers, herbs, hosta and companion plants, plants for butterfly gardens, dwarf conifers and alpines, ground covers, roots and tubers, vines, and a "Collector's Corner" of unusual plants and board favorites.

We always need volunteers!  We can use help the entire week leading up to the sale, and we especially need staff on the Friday May 9th and Saturday the 9th 2015.    

2015 Feature Hostas Ordered for Sale

Wishing Well-Large Beautiful new large blue hosta recognized for holding its blue color late into the growing season even when grown in sun. The powder blue leaves are slow to emerge which creates a uniquely cupped, rippled and corrugated appearance.
Neptune - Large 24"T x 47"W. Large mound of slightly cupped, heavily rippled blue-green foliage. The cascading leaves are very blue in spring and blue-green in summer.                                                                                                                              Humpback Whale- Giant 10"T x 20"W. Very nice hosta with wavy green leaves and an irregular cream center. Beautiful hosta that is sure to be in high demand. Hosta 'Humpback Whale' forms an impressive mound of blue-green foliage. The heart-shaped leaves have an unusual hump in the mid-leaf which points the tip of the leaf downward. The blue-green leaves are slightly corrugated and are bluest in early spring. Hosta 'Humpback Whale' will be green by early summer.                                      
Lakeside Paisley Print – Medium -10"T x 20"W. Very nice hosta with wavy green leaves and an irregular cream center. Beautiful hosta that is sure to be in high demand. Joyride-Large 16"T x 36"W. Beautiful new hosta with powder-blue leaves that are deeply cupped with extreme ruffled margins.                                                                                                                                          
Hollywood Lights-Large Tetraploid sport of Hosta 'On Stage' with much wider dark green margins. Outstanding contrast of colors on the leaf of this fantastic hosta. Forms a large mound of dome-shaped foliage that is eye-catching in the shade garden. Dancing Queen-Large 22"T x 40"W. This Hosta Emerges a bright yellow in spring, holds on to its yellow color well into the season unlike some other yellow hosta in spring. Deep veins and a heavily ruffled margin add to this hostas beauty. Pale lavender flowers appear in summer and contrast beautifully with the golden foliage.                                                                                              
Coast to Coast-Giant 30” T x 36” W Solid gold hosta that makes a striking specimen in the shade garden. Its foliage emerges gold in spring and turns lighter gold with a bit more sun exposure in the summer months. As the leaves mature, they become thick and puckered with wavy edges and have nearly white undersides.                                                                                        Cathedral Windows-Large 20"T x 48"W. Hosta 'Cathedral Windows' is a sport of Hosta 'Stained Glass' with thicker leaves and a wider green margin. Heart-shaped leaves produce a beautiful mound of gold leaves with a wide dark green margin. Fragrant near white flowers appear in late summer.                                                                                                                                          
Cotton Candy-Medium 14"T x 32"W. Hosta 'Cotton Candy' is a sport of Hosta 'Pathfinder' with heavily misted foliage. Leaves emerge heavily misted with green and white. Leaves slowly change to all green in mid-summer. Forms as a medium sized mound of glittering foliage in spring. Lavender flowers in summer.                                                                                                              
Cup of Grace-Large 21"T x 36"W. [(Hosta 'Halcyon' x Hosta 'Spoons') x Hosta 'Breeder's Choice OP] An upright mound of heavily cupped dark green foliage. Forms an elegant mound of vase-shaped foliage. Surround this hosta with blue, gold and white hostas for intriguing contrast. Very attractive green hosta with slightly corrugated leaves. White flowers in summmer.                                 
Blue Angel-Giant 32"T x 70"W. One of the best of the large blue hostas! Holds its blue color very well on huge leaves. Very large mound of impressive blue/green foliage that makes a great specimen plant. These giant hostas have excellent slug resistance. Long standing hosta cultivar that is still popular today! Everyone has to have a 'Blue Angel' in their collection! Exhibits characteristics of Hosta ‘sieboldiana’ and Hosta ‘montana’. Clusters of white flowers in mid summer.                            Electrocution-Medium 14"T x 28"W.Green leaves with a thin cream margin are wavy and heavily twisted forming a funky little hosta. Lavender flowers in early summer.                                                                                                                                 Piccaso-Small 8" high by 18" wide Deep blue-green center, narrow, chartreuse margin near-white flowers open on foot-high scapes from late July into mid-August                                                                                                                                         Mystic Star-Small 10” high by 28” wide blue leaf 7” long by 7” wide; blue-green; heart-shaped blade; good substance very pale lavender flowers in August on 20” scapes.                                                                                                                                Miniskirt-Miniature 5"T x 13"W. Another great addition to the 'Mouse Ears' lineage. New sport of H. 'Mighty Mouse' with ruffled foliage. The very thick leaves emerge blue-green in spring with a nice yellow margin. In mid-summer the leaves are green and the margins are creamy-white. These mice keep breeding and we love it! Add this beauty to your miniature garden or special container! Pale lavender flowers with purple stripes appear mid-summer.                                                                                 Victory- Giant 35"T x 70"W. This sport of ‘Elatior’ has shiny green leaves with wide cream margins. Large heart-shaped leaves have a wavy cream margin. Chosen by the American Hosta Growers as Hosta of the Year for 2014. Absolutely stunning hosta that forms a giant mound. Near white flowers appear on very tall scapes. Our flowers were 7 feet tall summer of 2012.  Vulcan-Medium 18"T x 30"W. Sport of Hosta 'Captain Kirk' that differs by having a white leaf center. Bright white leaves are bordered by dark green margins creating a great contrast. There are lighter green streaks where the margin meets the leaf center. This hosta will shine in any garden. Pale lavender flowers in mid-summer.                                                                                
Rubies & Ruffles- Medium 15"T x 24"W. Upright mound of rippled white-margined foliage held up on bright red petioles. Hosta 'Rubies and Ruffles' offers green leaves that are slightly cupped and moderately corrugated. Pale purple flowers are borne on dark red scapes and contrast nicely with the foliage.                                                                                                                       Sparkler-Miniature 6"T x 12"W. Sport of Hosta 'Fireworks' with wider dark green margins. Dark green leaves have sizzling white centers. Showy hosta for the miniature or rock garden. Light lavender flowers in late summer.                                         Strawberry Yogurt- Miniature 6"T x 16"W. [H. 'Raspberry Sorbet' × H. 'Shining Tot'] Shiny medium green foliage held on red petioles. Puts on a show in late summer with its purple flowers on red scapes. Medium purple flowers in late summer. Thunderbolt-Medium 20"T x 40"W. These medium size hostas have extremely wide blue-green margins with a bolt of bright yellow that flashes down the center. Hosta 'Thunderbolt' is a striking sport of Hosta 'Elegans'. White flowers mid summer.

Shade Companion Plants Ordered

Giant Japanese Painted Fern ‘Godzilla’,    Medium to Large Little Blue Stem Grass ‘Smoke Signal’
Hellebore ‘Ivory Prince’,                              Hellebore ‘St Lucia’
Hellebore ‘Midnight Ruffl s’                        Heuchera ‘Blackberry Ice’
Heuchera ‘Pear Crisp’                                  Heuercherella ‘Solar Eclispe’
Heuercherella ‘Gold Zebra’

New Perennials Ordered for 2015 Sale

Aquilegia- Swan Series -Blue and White, Aquilegia Swan Series Red and white, Chelone (Turtlehead) – Hot Lips – Pink Delphinium – Guardian Series – Blue Dianthus – Burgundy Splash Dianthus – Sweet Black Cherry GeraniumRepeat Select- Havana Blues GeraniumRepeat Select – Pink Penny Herb Sage Silver Sabre- tricolor HibiscusPink Elephant Iberis – White out Iris Bearded German Black-Before the Storm Iris Bearded German – Blue Devils Lake Lilies Dwarf Hardy-Orange/Yellow Bicolor –Bright Joy Lilies Dwarf Hardy – Pink/Yellow Spotted –Elegant Joy Lilies – Dwarf Hardy – Yellow Spotted – Sunny Joy Lillies – Oriental – Red/white-Starlight Express Perovska – sage –Lacey Blue Rudbeckia – Little Henry Salvia Blue Marvel Sedum Mystery Blue Tradescantia-Spiderwort – Tough Love –Pink Veronica -Aztec Gold   Veronica Venice Blue

Many Thanks to the 2015 year’s Plant Sale sponsors to Date:   

Gold Level: Denso International - Paul Kammerdiner-Service Roofing-Warren Transport - Waterloo Courier
Silver Level : -Veridian Credit Union - Chuck & Linda Schulte -Greg & Lynette Harter - Claudia Martin- Brenda & Jeffery Clark -
             HyVee 4000 University Ave., Waterloo, IA - Kirk Gross Company
Bronze Level : Karen and Jim Acton- Joanne Latta Reeves-Robert and Rosemary Beech-Timothy Sprengeler-Jan Guthrie-Jean Hall-Vaughn and Judy Griffith-Mickey and Dan Johnson-Ann and Jons Olsson-Pam Flanders-Lowell J Walker Fund-Cathy Klein - Paula Sexton-L. Sam & Janet Holden - Dr. Benjamin Squires - Melinda Young - Dr. David Zwanzinger - Eileen & Dwayne Schmidt - Bergan Paulson & Company -Black Hawk County Extension Master Gardners -Jane Young- Tom & Clarissa Kunz - Bonnie Wetzel-Koch Construction - Steve & Terry Dixon - Locke Funeral Home - Lyle and Karen Schmitt - PDCM Insurance - Deb & Craig Ludolph - Dave & Susan Schlette- Diane & Bruce Clark - Dianne Phelps - Mary Meier - Rosemary & Robert Beach - Elaine Morrison - Sharon Juon - John Milroy - Kathy Breckunitch - Jan Guthrie

For more information call: Mickey at 319-232-5934 or email us at greensceneinc@gmail.com

(All plant orders varieties are subject to change because of availability or quality in the spring and sometimes we aren’t aware of changes until the week of the sale)